Richenda Power


Richenda Power is a member of: London Freelance Branch, National Union of Journalists: Medical Journalists' Association: Birkbeck Poetry Workshop

Richenda's latest works are:

A natural profession?: - issues in the professionalisation process of British Nature Cure, 1930-1950 Amazon

Specialists of the Natural Amazon

Some previous publications:


‘Hermaphrodite’ or ‘He Had a Baby’, by Dickon, a three act play, edited by Richenda Power, is available from: Amazon

Richenda’s first novel is a blend of creative fiction/non-fiction, set in Bath, UK, Bridgeport, Connecticut and New York City, USA, published December 2015:

The Torpedo Inspector. An exploration of the mind of a young transatlantic hermaphrodite in the Second World War. e-book, Richenda Power Press ISBN 978-0-9934938-0-5 available from: Amazon

‘Elder abuse – What’s the story?’ in Lister, J. (ed.) First do no harm. Reporting on health and healthcare, Faringdon, Libri Publishing [Online] available from Libri Publishing

Speaking on ‘Poetry and the Commune’ (last 15 minutes of ‘Sound Bites’, weekend 9) The Rest is Noise: 1960s at the Southbank Centre Center : The rest is noise

‘Post-'68 Poetry and Self: voices from a commune’, pdf of Richenda’s presentation at the ‘Poetry and Revolution’ conference, Birkbeck: Available here

'What are the ideas that transcend?', Richenda Power talks with Professor Patricia Hill Collins, in Sociology For All Newsletter Summer 2009, No 7, pp 11-14 Available here

with Ann Johnson 'Senior safeguards in the dock' in Society Guardian July 30th, p 6
'Freedom involves responsibility' in Sociology For All Newsletter, 5, Spring, pp 9/10 'freedom involves responsibility'
Two poems: ‘Xs’ and ‘a bit of a relief’ in ‘veer off’, Vol. 2., pp. 98-99, Veer Publications [ISSN: 1758-4140] avaliable from Veer Books

A Question of Knowledge (2000) can be purchased from the publishers or from Amazon

Health Care

Richenda Power enjoyed working as a naturopath and osteopath for many years.

She is a retired member of the Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths.



Richenda Power has regular teaching commitments for:

The Open University, tutoring 'Introducing the social sciences' and 'Issues in research with children'.

From October 1998 to March 2011, for the British School of Osteopathy, Community Children's Clinic, Richenda taught at the 'Bodylearning' clinic, which she set up with Averille Morgan at the Beormund School, a primary in Southwark, specialising in education for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Richenda's teaching capacities cover all age ranges, from nursery, to mature adult learners, and she has experience of working within community education as well as academic contexts.


In practice as a naturopath and osteopath from 1983 to 2020, Richenda Power has also been involved in teaching, examining and writing within those professions. .

Academic training included:

Montessori method



Modern Language Studies (Spanish and English)

Editor of Osteopathy Today 2000-2, when she joined the National Union of Journalists, to develop her freelance writing career further.

Poetry: member of The Basement Writers in the 1980s; now member of Birkbeck Poetry Workshop


Tel: 01256 322959